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School Uniform

The school uniform policy has been agreed by governors and we ask for your co-operation in allowing us to maintain high standards.  

You can source your uniform locally at Euroschools and Uniforms2go. 

Uniform requirements:

Nursery to Year 2

¨ Standard grey trousers (no fashion trousers or ‘skinny jeans’), white shirts, white or maroon polo shirts with school badge, maroon sweatshirts or cardigan with school badge, grey socks and black shoes.

¨ Alternatively, maroon skirts or maroon pinafore, white blouses, maroon/grey tights or white socks and black shoes may be worn.    

¨ In the Summer term, grey shorts or a pink checked dresses may be worn.

Nursery pupils are required to wear joggers on a Friday for physical activities / learning, but are welcome to wear them all week if preferred. 

Year 3 to Year 6
In addition to the above, pupils are to wear a white shirt/blouse and school tie.  On warm summer days, summer uniform may be worn.